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Welcome to CSGP 2023


The Chilliwack Students' Garden Program is a unique agricultural program, founded in 1904, has been in operation for over 118 years!

This heritage program operates off of community donations, and run by volunteers. Our program is open to any Chilliwack school student (Public, Independent and Home-School) from Kindergarten to grade 12. This program is both a fun and exciting adventure taking you through the steps of planting, maintaining and harvesting your garden right in your backyard! You are encouraged to keep a garden journal, poster and can enter what you have grown at the Chilliwack Fair. At the season's end, you are encouraged to participate at the awards ceremony where your success is rewarded with certificates, ribbons, and maybe a trophy!

This annual program, designed to encourage students to take up gardening, has  200+ student gardeners entered each year. The program is offered at a minimal $5.00 entry fee, to help offset some of our costs (seeds, printing, advertising, prizes). This program is partially funded by local businesses, and we greatly appreciate this support.

When our committee’s gardening judges stop by your home, they will be happy to try and answer your questions. They love to provide tips to successully guide you through the process of soil preparation, planting, and tending to your plot or container garden.

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