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About Us


CSGP—celebrating our 120th year of “loving kids into loving gardens”!


Registration is closed for 2024!


CSGP welcomes all K-12 students in Chilliwack schools (including public, independent, and home-schooled). This empowering hands-on experience brings home the importance of food security provides children with the opportunity to reap what they sow—literally! 

Since 1904, our program has been supporting kids in Chilliwack learn to grow their own food and flowers at home. Formerly known as the Chilliwack Schools Garden Program, we’re now the Chilliwack Students’ Garden Program—but you can call us CSGP for short!

Students who participate in the program…

  • grow a variety of flowers and vegetables

  • register in the appropriate age category (K-2, 3-5, or 6-12)

  • choose from small, regular, or container garden options

  • have the opportunity to win prizes

  • can participate in the Chilliwack Fair Exhibition 


Registration 2024 opens March 1st and closes April 8th. Seeds, instructions, and info packs* are distributed in mid-May.

Packs contain

  • everything kids need to tend their gardens

  • tips on how to prepare the soil

  • instructions for planting the seeds

  • advice for giving their vegetables and flowers the care needed to grow healthy and strong


*Everything from the info packs is also available on this site: check out our Documents page.

Questions? Get in touch via our Contact page.

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